Lavish Design Build

Lavish Design Build

Custom Homes – Efficient, Sustainable & Profitable

We have been at the forefront of delivering elegant, sustainable high-quality spaces for some of the best and brightest in Toronto. Our rigorous process, ability to work in unison with our clients in combination with our wealth of experience and access to the best materials and builders in the market have helped us achieve unprecedented success in building our clients dream builds.


With over 25 years of building experience our design and build team work in unison to deliver unique experiences and deliverables that you won’t find elsewhere. We frequently travel to discover the best materials and practices avaiblable. Our combined years of knowledge and experience help us make sure we stay on task, avoid delays and better predict possible issues that may arise to keep you happy.


We combine the precision of science with our unique abily to help you see the true potential of space. We combine the metrics of science with the passion and skill of art to create lavish spaces.


We utilise state of the art tech in practically every single part of our business. Using the latest tools in 3D rendering and CAD drawings help us ensure your custom project is built to your specifications, while helping us communicate our vision with you before committing to a build.


Ensuring our clients are blown away by the Lavish experience in both the short and long term is how our business was built. Our process was designed to increase communication and efficiency, our vision sets us apart while our technology ensures precision. We will not deliver a project until we are confident and happy with the results.

Lavish Renovations

Renovations with Purpose

Our team has been crafted to offer a full scale renovation solution to all of our clients. Our team of leading architects, interior designers, tradesmen and tradeswomen on our staff have come together to ensure we maximize on the potential of your new space. Through Lavish you will have access the best materials and industry professionals ensuring that your vision becomes your reality.

The first step in a Lavish Design Build is for us to sit down with you to get a good idea of what your needs are. This may include time with our architects, and interior designers to ensure every aspect is covered.

Our costing department will work with our designers, architects and project managers to accurately quote the design that they prepare for you. This will include your receiving both sketches, a 3D rendering and of course a walk through with the very professionals who crafted the design.

We will work with you to finalize some of the design aspects. This includes choosing things such as tile, paint colours, and other small decisions, as well as, some major ones like the roof or materials you are looking to use.

Once we are ready to begin we will run once last walk through and make any last minute changes or decisions that may need to occur before construction begins.

Lavish utilises a state of the art hub that will allow you to have timely updates as well as videos and pictures of the current state of the home. We want to ensure you are well connected with us during construction

This is the best part of our job. We conduct 2 final walkthroughs to ensure every detail has been completed and leave it up to you to enjoy your new lavish dream space.