Client Consultation

The initial stage is a free preliminary consultation to gain a clear understanding of client’s requirements, budget, timeline, functionality, design preferences & style to ensure the development of a design concept the lives up to clients expectation.

Concept and Design Development

Our talented designers piece together smaller elements of the project to create the projects vision. Elements such as color, texture, style or any idea that could convey to the vision. Keeping in mind the client’s preferences, our designers ensure all the elements chosen have a consistent unified look.

The combination of these elements, develops our design concept. The concept is presented on the form of a mood board. Everything from colors, fabrics, wallpaper, finishes, and furniture. This helps in guiding us throughout the process to the feel the client is going for.

3D Rendering

During this phase we bring your project to life.

Working drawings

During this phase, we focus on turning the ideas into realistic and tangible options. It is the stage where design concepts are solidified. All clients requirements, design concepts and other related factors are drafted to scale for the preparation of the fit out process.

Site Visits

We as designers are available as a resource to make sure the design remains true to its intent by guiding its decision making process providing details as needed

Furniture & Detailing

At the end of every fit out, our designers learn a lot about different aspect of each room. With a touch of our own creativity, we aim to pick the perfect furnishings for every space and get to the detailing right to the last drape.

We create bespoke furniture designs, fixtures and equipment. Our designers source the best materials and finishes for making sure all the logistics are handled for our clients; from orders, shipping, deliveries, placement and arrangement of furniture & décor items in each space.