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Lavish Design Build takes an innovative approach to home design. Our focus is on designing and building efficient and sustainable luxury spaces that will transcend time and grow in value long term.

We combine historical classic designs with modern appeal to create unique bespoke designs that keep our clients coming back.

With over 20 years of experience, we have the skill set and market knowledge to understand where the industry is going and have the built-in partnerships required to deliver our clients with the best service possible.

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Our innovative designs are geared towards meeting your unique personal needs and wants. We provide luxury custom homes, cottages and vacation drawings as well as renovation and home addition designs. Our team will provide you with both sketch and 3D rendering designs to help communicate our vision and ensure you on the same page and excited about the project.

Communication and organization allows us to establish a similar vision and present you with unique options that are tailored towards your taste while giving our design team the flexibility to use their unique talent and vision to create something special for you.

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At Lavish we have invested in the 3 the top 3D rendering technology on the planet, resulting in some unprecedented opportunities. From helping our interior design team showcase what your interior space could be like, to working with new clients on the exterior of their new home, our 3D rendering services are all about getting the details right and delivering a vision that you are excited about.

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Permits are never a fun thing to deal with, but when you entrust the experts at Lavish, they are truly a breeze. We have been dealing with the city and province for years, and no matter what you are looking to build, chances are we can get your permit done quickly. Call our team today and see how we can negotiate the red tape while you simply can enjoy your new space.

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A feasibility study is an essential part of any build. Our in-house experts will be able to craft a well thought out, and precise study of the surrounding area, any issues that might arise and help you design a space that will bring value in to your life and into your bottom line. We know that building a new home, cottage or adding additional is a significant financial decision, and we want to ensure you are well informed and that you are making the right decision. Call our team today, and see why Lavish is the first call you need to make when looking design or build a space.



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Lavish homes are a combination of artistic integrity and mathematical precision. Our homes are built to maximize efficiency and designed to keep a modern yet classic appeal that will stand the test of time. With access to the latest building materials, top design trends and leading industry experts our meticulous focus on every possible detail will ensure your home stands out amongst the rest.

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We design. build and furnish sales centres, model suites, as well as mid and large scale developments. Our company ensures that we deliver our projects on time, on budget and of course to your specifications.


TIME: We finish projects on schedule

BUDGET: Our projects are completed on budget

DESIGN: Our designs are proven to sell condos quickly and at top market value

Contact Lavish Design Build today for information and to speak to one of our designers.

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Lavish Design Build, one of Canada’s leading design is a devoted and committed design and development partner . Our long-term commitment to the spaces and environments we create and our focus on making spaces more efficient, sustainable and inviting sets us apart. Aside from setting efficiency and quality industry standards; our efforts to increase development profitability is one of the many reasons we continue to grow.

Have some ideas but not sure where to start?

Contact us at the Lavish Design Build to get started today. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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    Imagine it. Design it. Build it.

    Aside from innovation and design, what separates Lavish Design Build is our innate drive to improve and be the best. Our team constantly travels to source the best materials and study the latest design trends. At Home, we value our relationships and we leverage our reputation to build beneficial partnerships that helps us consistently meet our goals.

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