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How Tech is Changing Your Relationship With Your Homes

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The smart home is more than just a dream, it is a reality, and our relationship with technology has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. In this article, we are going to be looking at some key technologies and how they can help your home become better connected and might help your home become a true smart home.
Smart Thermostats
Thermostats are more than just a way to control the temperature, they offer an ability to save money and energy over the long-term. Today’s smart thermostats offer a slick interface with remote sensors that will ensure rooms across the home are being heated or cooled to maintain a consistent temperature. As well, many of them have voice control and phone applications to better control the temperature before you are back in the room.
Smart Lightbulbs
With today’s technology, the ability to have smart lighting has never been better. Phillips seems to be at the pinnacle of the lighting industry in their adoption and interconnectivity with other smart home systems. The latest Phillips bulbs are adjustable up to 800 lumens and work with smart home systems such as Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Home.
Smart Plugs
While we cannot make every technology we use in the home smart, there are some easy ways to control the power that is coming to them. There are a number of smart plugs on the market that will let you create a schedule on when the power is on or off, and also allows you to turn off all power to devices when you are not at home with an ‘away’ mode. Many of these plugs are also easily connected to smart home devices and allows for you to control the power within your home with ease.
Smart Locks
We all have experienced the anxiety of if you locked your door, but with smart locks, this is no longer an issue. Many of the leading locks on the market will be able to tell you via a mobile app, or a smart home device that a door is ajar or if it is not locked. With deep integration with smart home apps, smart locks can be locked or unlocked via a mobile app, which will give you peace of mind during those frantic mornings.
Smart Home Devices
With companies such as Google, Apple and Tesla starting to utilise smart home technology, the ability for the masses to access smart home devices has never been greater. These devices allow you to control your lighting, the temperature of your house and even allow you to customise your homes settings while you are abroad. This kind of control would be unheard of only a few years ago, and today, it has spurred a new relationship with our homes.

From smart thermostats, light bulbs, plugs, locks and full smart home devices, the technology of today allows us to better control our homes from home and abroad. Our relationships are changing with our homes, and technology empowers and enables owners to better equip their home for the 21st century.


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